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Video Marketing is the Future. With our Video Producer AI, we make videos quick, easy, and accessible for every business.

Visuo - Your Virtual Video Producer

The internet is full of DIY video editors and makers. But you didn’t go into business to learn how to make videos.

That’s why we created Visuo.

Visuo combines intuitive design, professional quality content, and groundbreaking AI technology to create stunning, custom marketing videos in less time than it takes you to make a cup of coffee. And best of all, it’s also priced to fit your budget.

Visuo creates professional-quality videos for you because it is your professional virtual video producer.

Turn Followers into


Visuo gives you a single place where you can create compelling social media ads and posts that will engage your followers and convert them into buyers.

Creating effective, revenue generating marketing videos has never been easier. All you need is a script and your logo. Visuo takes care of the rest.

We’re so confident that you’ll find Visuo indispensable that we want you to try Visuo for FREE for a limited time, so you can see the results for yourself.


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Can I really create a video in minutes with Visuo?

Yes, that’s right! We’ve built Visuo to think like a video producer, your Virtual Video Producer to be exact, and that’s why all Visuo needs is a script, your logo, and a couple of choices from you to make a customized, professional-quality marketing video for you in minutes.

Do I need to know anything about video to use Visuo?

Not at all. We created Visuo to help small business owners just like you, so we know time and resources are always in short supply. All you need to do is come up with what you want to say in your video. That’s all Visuo needs to get started. Easy!

Where can I use the videos created by Visuo?

Anywhere you want! You can put it on your website, on your social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter, or wherever you followers and customers are. And we’ll be adding in social media integration shortly, so you can do it with just a press of a button!

I don't see my industry available in Visuo. How can I request it?

We are still in the early stages of Visuo, and so we are still continually rolling out new industries over time. If you have a particular industry in mind that we don’t current support, please let us know here or!

Visuo is currently free to use. Are there any restrictions on the videos?

We’re letting our customers use Visuo for free for a limited time as we want to get the Visuo message out there to the wider community.

All of the video and audio assets come with an unlimited, worldwide licence, so you’re welcome to use them how you like.

We only ask that you respect the following commonsense conditions:

  • Please do not edit or alter the videos in any way, e.g. removing the Visuo watermark, cutting out individual scenes for reuse or sale, etc.
  • And not to use the videos in a way that may appear disparaging or put any of the models contained in the videos in a negative light

You can always find out more in our Terms & Conditions.

What format does Visuo use for its videos?

All the videos created by Visuo are in 1,080p MP4 format which pretty industry standard. You should have no problems using the videos on Youtube, Vimeo, or any of the most popular video sharing platforms.

How can I give you feedback?

You can get in touch with us at, or don’t hesitate to use the handy feedback form available after you’ve used Visuo as well.

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