Have you come up with a great business idea and then fell short when it came to execution? Perhaps your New Year’s resolution is to become your own boss. We are here to help make those dreams a reality and have listed our top three tips for starting up a business.


Maybe you get a mentor, or network, watch ted talks, listen to podcasts, read books or articles. Learning everything about your potential business is key for success. Make sure you put in some time in your calendar daily, it’s going to be worth it!

What is right for now, may not be right next year or in some cases, not even next month. Trends change, the world change, new competitor arise and new tools that makes your life easier keeps popping up! Always be on the lookout and be adaptable from your original plan.

Embrace the Digital World

If your company doesn’t exist online, you are going to make it so much harder for yourself. If 2020 taught us anything it’s that the online world is just (if not more!) important at reaching your goals within a business. At a minimum, create a professional looking website, a social media presence and the possibility to sign up for emails.

Discover the Secret of Video Marketing

Don’t put video marketing on the backburner. Visuals are essential for your business. But if you think you need to create every video from scratch, think again.

Stock videos is a great way to attract attention, and with Visuo, you don’t even have to spend any time at choosing the suitable clips! Our AI tool knows what you are looking for, just by providing a short script for the video.

Powerful, efficient and convenient all wrapped up in one!

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