Voice Overs: A Must Have in Marketing Videos

Imagine watching a horror film with no sound, only subtitles. Wouldn’t be as scary right?
That’s because audio is such an incredibly powerful tool, used to emphasise your point of view. It combines information with emotion to create a much more enticing video.
So why do we often forget about voice overs with our marketing videos?

Simple: It’s too hard!

The expenses involved in trying to find a voice over artist, recording their script and making sure the it’s at a professional level is just the tip of the iceberg. 

But it’s 2020 and we don’t have the time for this and we should have the technology to make this happen in minutes? Right? What about seconds?

With Visuo, you can!

Visuo is designed to make marketing videos as quick and easy as possible, with #NoSkillsRequired.

Once you have an account (Sign Up for Free here) and added your clients, you’re ready to make your first marketing video.

Select your category and you’ll be taken to our script page.

This is where the magic happens!

Now you can write the script you want one of our voice over artists to speak, throughout your video.

We have multiple accents and genders so you can find the perfect match.

If you are feeling creative, you can even upload your own!

Once we have your script, our AI will select clips from our library of 800,000+ videos to make you the perfect marketing video. See what I mean? #NoSkillsRequired

It’s as simple as that!

There has never been a better time to take advantage of the power of video for your clients and business then right now. And with voice overs, you’ll convert better, sell better and reach more customers than ever before.

Watch the below and see it for yourself!

A Video Marketing Tool Designed Specifically For Agencies

In a world where everything is customised to the nth degree, it's hard to believe there isn't been a video marketing tool designed specifically for your (the agency's) needs?
No one is required to churn out content like social media managers.

Why we put video content in the 'too hard' pile

  • It’s expensive
  • Time consuming
  • Difficult

I mean, you didn’t get into social media to learn how to produce, shoot and edit videos. So what if we told you all of your set backs around video marketing is now a thing of the past? 

And better yet, this tool is designed specifically for you and your agencies needs. 

Meet Visuo. 

The game changing tool that will put your agency on top and reach all of it’s capabilities. 

Video Marketing Tool designed specifically for Agencies

Imagine the difference it could make for you and your clients to be able to post marketing videos whenever you want. 

With Visuo, you can create stunning, fully customised marketing videos for your clients in minutes, without any video experience, and on next to no budget.

But what does this actually mean?

Creating quick and easy marketing video’s is just the beginning of Visuo’s capabilities.

  • Our custom portal is where you create client profiles to help manage your clients and stay on top of their campaigns 
  • Add team members so everyones on the same platform 
  • Save all your client’s video’s in one place to it’s easy to compare 

For the video side, our Virtual Video Producer is where the real magic happens.

  • Our easy 5 step wizard ensures #NoSkillsRequired 
  • Our library of curated, professional-quality content to suit your client’s business will ensure you get a completely original marketing video each time
  • Change your marketing game with AI-generated voice overs (or record your own). Since we all know videos perform better with video
  • Our library of royalty-free music tracks will automatically be matches to your video, so you don’t have to do a thing
  • Dynamic themes and captions will spice up the look and feel of your video in no time (and with no effort!)

If you’ve ever been intimidated by video editing software this is for you. 

If you’ve ever been frustrated by the limitations of template-based software this is for you.

Come see how easy it now is to leverage the power of video for you and your clients.

How to Keep Company Culture Alive When Working Remotely

Here at Visuo, we’ve been working remotely long before Covid-19 decided to rear its ugly head into all our 2020 plans.
You might be working from home as your read this blog post. There are a lot of perks from turning your lounge room into your office: sweats all day long, wake up 5 minutes before that Zoom meeting and no communing to work but we cannot forget that we are human and naturally desire contact with other humans.
Missing your work wife? Office banter? Solving work problems together in the same room? You aren’t alone! So how can you keep the company culture alive when you’re working remotely?

Be Honest

It’s normal to express how you’re feeling to your colleagues but when you aren’t together, it might feel more intimidating. Now more than ever we need to be checking in with one another so don’t be afraid to speak out and lean on your work colleagues for support.

Create Healthy Habits

Set your team healthy and active goals to promote mental wellbeing. Perhaps for the month of October you collectively have to reach 100km walking or riding. Enforce and encourage multiple breaks throughout the day (outside if possible).

How to maintain the company culture while working remotely?

Do something NOT work related

Maybe your office used to head down the road for local trivia nights or partake it in team building exercises a couple of times a year. Make an effort to organise a virtual trivia (even sign up for a venue is hosting online) or attend an online comedy show.

Stick to routine​

In a world of chaos, routine is king to feel grounded. Set up a meeting and go through your company values and ensure everyone is working for the same goal. Make note to adjust your rules. Getting the right amount of freedom and responsibility when WFH, is hard. Setting some new guidelines to follow will help everyone at the company.

Be open to change​

Things will look a little different for a while (hopefully not too long!) But keeping an open mind for your new work life is key to staying positive through a pandemic. Your agency might be thriving through Covid-19 due to many businesses realising just how important having an online presence is in 2020.

Are you a digital agency struggling to keep up the demand with new and exisiting clients demands?

Struggling to capitalise on your margins and offer more bang for buck in your packages?

Using Visuo to create customised, professional quality marketing videos for your clients will not only save you hours each week but also give you a ROI with your clients. 

Our virtual video producer ensures you won’t spend hours searching, editing and tweaking clips. 

  • No templates.
  • Customised just for your client’s business.
  • Within 5 minutes.

How to Master Your Online Etiquette

From a young age we are all taught etiquette skills: eat with your mouth shut, arrive on time, speak nicely of others – but in the digital age, how can we master our online etiquette? And first of all, what even is it?
To put it simply, your online or ‘internet’ etiquette is how you behave/communicate on your social media

We all have a weird Aunt or old high school friend who pops up on our Facebook feed with an outspoken style of online etiquette but today we are talking about businesses and particularly, sharpening your brands online etiquette.

We’re all too familiar with businesses or celebrities who have found themselves in trouble due to saying something they shouldn’t have online, so what are some pointers we should stick to before posting anything on social media?

Mastering Online Etiquette

1. Language

Considering most of our interactions online are not face-to-face, be cautious of saying things in a sarcastic tone. Be clear, direct and factual. Mastering your brands voices is an incredibly powerful tool, so create some guidelines and stick to them.

2. Fact check

Now this goes without saying but this definitely causes a lot of online arguments. Before making any claims on social media, make sure it’s factually correct. Trust me, the internet is smart and will pick up even the things you think go unnoticed. Also beware: if you plan to grow your business into a huge online community, people will scroll back at posts from years prior, so get in the habit of factchecking from the beginning!

3. Be Kind

Just like the point above, this goes without saying. Be kind! And not just to your customers but with other businesses (even the ones in a similar space!) Do you want anyone to associate your brand with being nasty? Didn’t think so!

4. Use good grammar

Oh dear. Nothing will crumble your credibility like bad grammar! You don’t have to be an English teacher to master the basics. Capital letters, complete your sentences with a full stop, commas, etc, but MOST importantly: know the difference between there, their and they’re!

5. Reply to customers quickly

Now we aren’t expecting you to live with your phone attached to you 24/7 BUT if you are taking more than 1-2 business days to get back to a customer’s or potential client, it’s not a good look. If you struggle with this or get overwhelmed, block out a time in your day as if it were a meeting and get back to everyone. Trust us, you’ll feel SO much better.

Struggling to find more time in your day?

Using Visuo to create marketing videos for your clients means you’ll free up hours each week. 

Not convinced? Sign up today and watch our virtual video product create a customised, professional quality marketing video for your client in minutes!

A Guide to Video Storytelling

A guide to Video storytelling
How do we communicate a business message through a video?
The short and sweet answer is - TELL A STORY!

According to the scientist and researcher Jeremy Hsu, 65% of our day-to-day conversations consist of stories.

So let’s take a dive into the tips and techniques on how you can communicate your businesses messaging effectively through video storytelling.

Understanding your Audience 

If you want to survive in today’s competitive world, you need to know your audience.  

 While crafting a story, ask yourselves two common questions  

  • What’s the story about? 
  • Who do you want to communicate the story to?  

 The answer will help you determine which message descriptors to focus on your business videos. 

Building your story

We’ve all asked the question, “So what’s the normal of the story?” Figuring out your moral of your story (and keeping your audience in mind) is the easiest way to build your story.  

What’s next?


There are various ways to brainstorm in order to build a great story: 

1. Elevator Pitch 

A great exercise to present your story in 45 seconds. The elevator pitch should include your product, the problem and the solution.

2. Mind Mapping 

One of the best ways to brainstorm your ideas. You can use free digital tools like CoggleCanva etc. to mind map your ideas and build your script for your video. 

3. Follow the Three-Act Structure 

A simple and common framework in the world of cinematic storytelling is the Three-Act-Structure. Can we use this structure for our business video? Absolutely.

It’s not a formula, but a guideline.  

Identify the main character for your video, the character should relate to the viewers.  

It can be a person or your product itself. The hero of your business video should represent your brand persona.


Act 1 – Setup  

Meet Sally, she owns a social media agency and is extremely growth-oriented. She wants to create marketing videos for her clients every day and stay ahead of her competition. 

Act 2 – Problem  

Sally has access to different video tools and tries to make videos at least twice a month for each client. However, it’s too time-consuming and very expensive for her. 

Act 3 – Solution 

Sally finds Visuo, a virtual video producer. It creates a marketing video for her client in under 5 minutes. In addition, seems easy to use and implement into her business. The set up would make her overall workload with video marketing run smoothly. Sally decides to sign up, since there is no risk, and a possibility to provide her clients the value of more video and save both time and money.

Be Authentic and Entertaining

While telling your story, you need to be informative, entertaining and authentic.  

 If you create this list, you will be able to craft a story that relates to your business and at the same time that reflects your beliefs and values. 

  • Write down the word that best describes: 

           – Your company values 

           – Your product or service 

  • Write at least 5 positive descriptors that apply to both. 
  • Make comparisons between the lists you have created; it will disclose some common traits 

Outlining and drafting the script of your video

Once you outline your script, make a list of questions on why you plan to make the video, who the video will be targeted to, what’s the problem you’re solving, how are you solving it?  

  • The opening of the video should be attention-grabbing. It can include an emotional hook, interesting facts/figures or a relatable story. 
  • Address the problem the audiences are facing and show the purpose of your product or service. 
  • Present your solution and tell your audiences why it is the best solution, what are your unique features. Be concise and provide them with some interesting facts. 
  • Next, don’t forget to be authentic and genuine 
  • Lastly, your video script should convince the viewer to act. In your call to action, tell your viewers exactly what you want them to do and how it will benefit them. 
Video Storytelling Tips and Techniques


Okay, now you have your perfect script ready! 

If you are using Visuo to create your video, all you need to do now is copy/paste your script and select the voice to go with your video.  

Within minutes, Visuo will create an amazing looking marketing video. You can send the videos to your client to review or post to social media.

5 Steps to Creating More Brand Engagement

Want your business to grow? Engage with your customer and the odds they come back again and advocate for your business increases. Take a look at the 5 steps below to create more brand engagement !

Step 1

As you are probably aware, online content varies in type, placement, and creation.

Types: articles and blogs, videos, and whitepapers or lead generation content, to name a few.

Placement: your website, social media channels, emails, and/or advertisement (both online and offline ad opportunities).

Creation: what you write and put together visually, with the needs of your customers and what your brand has to offer in mind.

Evoke feelings and reactions, create a connection that leads to a relationship

Step 2

Make sure your content sync with your brand message. Inspire and motivate – be evocative! Capture your customers attention and make them want to take action. Ask to click on a link that you have shared with a marketing video, the link can lead to your website to purchase or an interesting article/blog post. Read more about How to create a marketing video in minutes.
Statistics that shows the brand engagement due to video content

Step 3

Make video a part of your strategy! It’s a marketing trend that develops and grows every year

We are slightly biased about Video, but stats show it is simply the best way to create awareness, engagement and conversation

Is video marketing really that powerful? Yes! Read this post and check the stats below:

Statistics that shows brand engagement due to video content

These Optinmonster, 2019, stats show you how marketing videos affect leads and convert them to clients, as well as the increase in brand awareness they generate.

Various statistics from different sources that shows brand engagement due to the video content

These are only some of the stats you’ll find online; there are many, many more.

After reading this, we hope you got a better understanding for the impact of video and the advantages for your business.

Step 4

Make a video content strategy plan. We suggest checking in quarterly, were you can analyze your brand engagement for the website and social media platforms.

Visuo understands the challenge for businesses to create video content continuously. This is a primary reason why videos are still such an underutilized piece of content in the marketing strategy and application of businesses worldwide.

To solve this impactful problem that keeps businesses at a disadvantage with brand engagement and more, our step five for more brand engagement is for you to find an easy way to create your own video content.

Step 5

Get a video creation software that suites your need. Why make things overly complicated when it doesn’t have to be?