Mastering Online Etiquette

If you haven’t jumped on the video train, you need to put it into a higher gear. Don’t worry, it doesn’t need to be perfect. Mix it up, make fun behind the scenes, along with professional ones.

The best part? You don’t need any skills; you just need to get out of your comfort zone and start here:

1. Highlight your blog

Even though some of us still like to read, we want a preview of what to expect. After a full day of screen time, we don’t want to waste our time skimming through another long blog post.

Here is where you can make it easier for your audience. Highlight your blog with a quality video, including captions and voice overs.

This is also a great way of repurposing your old blog content.

2. Weekly Newsletters

Same goes for those weekly newsletters, summarize your content into a video and share on your socials. The odds of someone missing out on important information is less likely!

As a bonus, it also improves your SEO.

This is all well and good but, how do I get started?

So you know this is something you need to implement but don’t know where to start?

Just write a short script and Visuo creates it for you, in minutes.

Our Virtual Video Producer was designed to make your job as simple as possible! Select your genre, create your script and our AI will match the clips from out library of over 800,000+ to find the perfect match. It’s that easy!

Okay, now you showed your audience the quality you can deliver, let’s get real and authentic.

Here are some other ways you can showcase your work through the power of video:

3. Live video

It can be scary but live videos are incredibly powerful. Show us your brand, share information, give a pre taste of an event, Q&A, webinars, or interviews.

Use live video to freshen up your socials.

4. Behind the scenes

Research shows that customer wants companies to be human. Show your work culture and employees, maybe you even have a cute mascot in form of a dog?

5. Tutorials

It’s the basics of video but often forgotten. How does your product or service work? Show your audience the possibilities. Get creative!

Which of the 5 video tips are you taking action towards today? Leave a comment!

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