Create a Marketing Video in minutes

'Create a Marketing Video in minutes', Don't believe us, do you?

Why would you! Traditionally speaking, creating a marketing video costed thousands of dollars. It requires a shoot! A crew! A vision!
You find yourself wondering why you are spending so much time thinking about the logistics of shooting a video when you are in the business of social media marketing.
We live in 2020 and don’t have the time for any of that.​

So we turn our attention to online video editors. The world of stock footage, editing and sifting through templates. But still, this is so time consuming. You find yourself now wondering how you spent 45 minutes looking through templates for 1 client, and you’ve still got 11 more to go!

You think “there has to be an easier way?” and now, there is.

In quite literally minutes, Visuo’s virtual video producer can create a marketing video designed completely for you.

  • No templates.
  • No cropping, editing and trimming clips.
  • In no time at all.

Let’s take you through the 3 step process.

Step 1

Select what category of business you are creating for (fitness, medical, beauty)

Step 2

Select what category of business you are creating for (fitness, medical, beauty)

Step 3

That’s it! Our AI will source clips from our library of over 800,000+ videos and match it up to your text for a completely unique marketing video. You can now also add captions and logos for personalisation!

Download and then share to your clients account.

Video marketing shouldn’t be on your ‘too hard’ list. Scale up your business and grow with Visuo today!

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