From a young age we are all taught etiquette skills: eat with your mouth shut, arrive on time, speak nicely of others – but in the digital age, how can we master our online etiquette? And first of all, what even is it?
To put it simply, your online or ‘internet’ etiquette is how you behave/communicate on your social media

We all have a weird Aunt or old high school friend who pops up on our Facebook feed with an outspoken style of online etiquette but today we are talking about businesses and particularly, sharpening your brands online etiquette.

We’re all too familiar with businesses or celebrities who have found themselves in trouble due to saying something they shouldn’t have online, so what are some pointers we should stick to before posting anything on social media?

Mastering Online Etiquette

1. Language

Considering most of our interactions online are not face-to-face, be cautious of saying things in a sarcastic tone. Be clear, direct and factual. Mastering your brands voices is an incredibly powerful tool, so create some guidelines and stick to them.

2. Fact check

Now this goes without saying but this definitely causes a lot of online arguments. Before making any claims on social media, make sure it’s factually correct. Trust me, the internet is smart and will pick up even the things you think go unnoticed. Also beware: if you plan to grow your business into a huge online community, people will scroll back at posts from years prior, so get in the habit of factchecking from the beginning!

3. Be Kind

Just like the point above, this goes without saying. Be kind! And not just to your customers but with other businesses (even the ones in a similar space!) Do you want anyone to associate your brand with being nasty? Didn’t think so!

4. Use good grammar

Oh dear. Nothing will crumble your credibility like bad grammar! You don’t have to be an English teacher to master the basics. Capital letters, complete your sentences with a full stop, commas, etc, but MOST importantly: know the difference between there, their and they’re!

5. Reply to customers quickly

Now we aren’t expecting you to live with your phone attached to you 24/7 BUT if you are taking more than 1-2 business days to get back to a customer’s or potential client, it’s not a good look. If you struggle with this or get overwhelmed, block out a time in your day as if it were a meeting and get back to everyone. Trust us, you’ll feel SO much better.

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