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4 Reasons why B2B Marketers should focus on Martech Trends

B2B marketing is continuously changing, mainly because B2B marketing is heavily reliant on advances in technology. In today’s world, B2B marketers are required to drive the customer experience in a
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3 Tips For Starting up a Business

Have you come up with a great business idea and then fell short when it came to execution? Perhaps your New Year’s resolution is to become your own boss. We
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Imagine Saving Hours By Changing Your Video Tactics

Video Marketing shouldn’t require special or creative skills, it shouldn’t take a lot of time either to produce high quality results. So how can you save time and stop falling
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Mastering Online Etiquette

5 Sassy Ways to Freshen up Your Socials with Video!

If you haven’t jumped on the video train, you need to put it into a higher gear. Don’t worry, it doesn’t need to be perfect. Mix it up, make fun
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Creating a SUCCESSFUL Content Marketing Strategy

Do you have a content marketing strategy? Or have you been using the same approach for years? As a business new year’s resolution, why not revisit your content marketing strategy
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A Video Marketing Tool to Help You Stay Organized in 2021

Since 2020 was a bit of a ride off, it’s time to jump into 2021 full tilt and reach the full potential of your agency! What are your goals? How
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Top 5 Business New Years Resolution for 2021

5 Business New Year’s Resolution for 2021

We have all made personal resolutions for 2021, whether it’s signing up for that gym membership, diving into a new hobby, traveling, reading more books or saving money. But, if
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Voice Overs: A Must Have in Marketing Videos

Imagine watching a horror film with no sound, only subtitles. Wouldn’t be as scary right? That’s because audio is such an incredibly powerful tool, used to emphasise your point of
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A Video Marketing Tool Designed Specifically For Agencies

In a world where everything is customised to the nth degree, it’s hard to believe there isn’t been a video marketing tool designed specifically for your (the agency’s) needs? No
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How to Keep Company Culture Alive When Working Remotely

Here at Visuo, we’ve been working remotely long before Covid-19 decided to rear its ugly head into all our 2020 plans. You might be working from home as your read
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Is Video Marketing Really That Powerful?

We live in an era where your customers attention spans are at an all-time low (falling from an average 12 to a minuscule 8 seconds) and the chance of you
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Instagram Reels vs TikTok

If there is one thing, we have all learnt in 2020 it’s that creating videos at home is extremely entertaining! TikTok generated ‘the most downloads for an app ever in
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How to Master Your Online Etiquette

From a young age we are all taught etiquette skills: eat with your mouth shut, arrive on time, speak nicely of others – but in the digital age, how can
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A Dazzling Marketing Trend That Develops and Grows Every Year

We all know video marketing is powerful. It’s ability to boost your customer reach, build loyal following and increase sales is undeniable. In addition, it doesn’t matter what social media
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3 Tech Tips to Master When Creating a Successful Business

In a world where everything is online, capturing your customers attention will ensure if your business thrives or dies. The problem is our brains can’t process everything that we see,
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Create a Marketing Video in minutes

How to Create a Marketing Video in Minutes

‘Create a Marketing Video in minutes’, Don’t believe us, do you? Why would you! Traditionally speaking, creating a marketing video costed thousands of dollars. It requires a shoot! A crew!
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A guide to Video storytelling

A Guide to Video Storytelling

How do we communicate a business message through a video? The short and sweet answer is – TELL A STORY! According to the scientist and researcher Jeremy Hsu, 65% of
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5 Steps to Creating More Brand Engagement

Want your business to grow? Engage with your customer and the odds they come back again and advocate for your business increases. Take a look at the 5 steps below
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How to Use YouTube and Facebook Videos to Double Your Followers

With YouTube and Facebook being two of the social media platforms with the highest number of users; all businesses use one or the other, or both; to grow brand awareness,
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create jaw dropping social media content in minutes

Create Jaw Dropping Social Media Content in Minutes

Every business knows of the importance of social media content when it comes to attracting and engaging customers. Visibility through social media is the first step, but the type of
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