B2B marketing is continuously changing, mainly because B2B marketing is heavily reliant on advances in technology. In today’s world, B2B marketers are required to drive the customer experience in a more holistic way. Therefore, marketers should accept and embrace the colossal shifts in Marketing Technology.

Since it’s so prevalent in our lives, we have listed 4 reasons on why B2B marketers should focus on latest Martech Trends:

The Role of Marketers on Buyer Education

Marketers are responsible for Buyer Education more than ever before. Marketers are not only in charge for creating awareness but also driving the buyer towards sales conversation. Many B2B marketers are still doing ‘feeds and speeds’ marketing. “Marketing is about value. We need to be really clear on what we want them to know about us. It is not about feeds and speeds- Steve Jobs.”

Using Customer Data to improve Customer Experience

Studies by IDC shows that customers produce about 3 billion terabytes of data per year. Some 85% of CMOs say that they lack access to the data and have inadequate tools or technology which prevents them to implement omni-channel marketing strategy.

Marketers must use the right data to communicate with their prospects and customers. In order to build a future relationship with their prospects, marketers should show that they clearly understand the prospect’s needs at the very beginning. This is where customer experience is built.

Take full advantage of Executive Branding to help your Marketing Efforts

Executive Branding was included in a Forbes List of the top trends in marketing for B2B companies. Many companies have adapted to this new phenomenon, but many have not. Using the executive branding can bring number of benefits such as: more exposure, better press and reflects a more transparent company culture between the business and target audience.

Marketing Automation is Uninterruptedly Expanding

Grand view Research experts predicts that the global marketing automation market will reach $8.42 billion by 2027.The research found that on average, 50 per cent of companies are presently using marketing automation, and more than half of B2B companies plan to implement marketing and sales automation in the future.

B2B marketers will be able to drive more awareness, leads and sales and stay ahead of the competition only if they’re aware of the latest Martech Trends. But, it’s also important to understand the marketing’s role in the organisation before applying the Martech solutions.

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