We live in an era where your customers attention spans are at an all-time low (falling from an average 12 to a minuscule 8 seconds) and the chance of you making an impact on their social feed is becoming harder and harder.
But of course, we all know this! But how do we combat it?
The video marketing space has been on a consistent rise since being introduced over a decade ago. Why? Because it’s the quickest, easiest and most effective way for your customers to consume information.

Okay, let's get nerdy for a second.​

Did you know that by 2021, on average a human will watch over 100 minutes of videos online – DAILY! This means your customer is already growing accustom to consuming video on the regular and the days of writing long captions or blog posts will be gone. 

It’s a scary thought considering how much we still don’t know about video. 

1.   How do I create one? 

2.   Do I have to employ an expensive production team? 

3.   But mostly, how can I implement video marketing for my clients regularly?

Is video marketing really that powerful?

This is the foundation in which we created Visuo.​

Since we understand there are many websites that offer templates and clips but none are designed specifically for you: the marketing agency. 

With the help of Visuo, you’ll create marketing videos on a mass in a fraction of the time. Scale up your clients, offer more in your portfolio without minimising your margins. 

So what are you waiting for? See what all the fuss is about!

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