Imagine Saving Hours By Changing Your Video Tactics

Video Marketing shouldn’t require special or creative skills, it shouldn’t take a lot of time either to produce high quality results.

So how can you save time and stop falling behind with your video content and make things less complicated?

What if we told you, you could save time AND money yet still implement video content for your client’s businesses regularly? With Visuo - you can!

As a business owner, you need good at problem solving skills and seeing things from different perspectives.

Let’s have a look if you identity with any (or all!) of the business owner types below and learn how you can make your days more time efficient!

The Growth Oriented

You are well aware how essential video marketing is but continuously put it in the “too hard” pile. It’s now time to think again!

With Visuo, you can remove all the pain of sitting through another online tool searching for templets, clips, themes, fonts and colors.

It’s 2021, we are all busy enough as it is. Make yourself a coffee and create those daily videos, in minutes!

How? Watch the Video.

The Time Optimist

Maybe you’ve already mastered the template-based video tools. Great!

It seemed easy so you went ahead and made a promise to create more videos on a daily basis.

But then you realize there is not nearly enough time in the day to honor that promise when you have to make all the videos look different and you can’t remember half of them you already produced. Sifting through different templates and individual clips is too time consuming!

We use artificial intelligence, to give you a new video every time, in a matter of minutes. Browse our tool to find your industry and all you need to do is provide a script of what you want to say. Simple as that!

The Creative Bird

At the beginning, you feel creative, inspired and love all the options and decision making the template videos offers. Fantastic!

But then, you look at the time and realized, you just spent 2 hours on creating, 1-2 videos!

Not really optimal, right?

It’s probably worth investigating how to create a marketing videos in minutes so you can stop burning yourself out and start using your amazing creativity for the important messaging instead!

Not only will Visuo make your daily task simpler, it improves your paycheck at the same time.

Wait what?

Well considering you now can create videos on a mass, and in a fraction of time, it’s finally financially viable for you to make marketing videos!                                 

So let’s leave the hassle of template videos for the marketers who haven’t discovered Visuo. At work, it’s time to get more efficient and level up your strategies!

Voice Overs: A Must Have in Marketing Videos

Imagine watching a horror film with no sound, only subtitles. Wouldn’t be as scary right?
That’s because audio is such an incredibly powerful tool, used to emphasise your point of view. It combines information with emotion to create a much more enticing video.
So why do we often forget about voice overs with our marketing videos?

Simple: It’s too hard!

The expenses involved in trying to find a voice over artist, recording their script and making sure the it’s at a professional level is just the tip of the iceberg. 

But it’s 2020 and we don’t have the time for this and we should have the technology to make this happen in minutes? Right? What about seconds?

With Visuo, you can!

Visuo is designed to make marketing videos as quick and easy as possible, with #NoSkillsRequired.

Once you have an account (Sign Up for Free here) and added your clients, you’re ready to make your first marketing video.

Voice overs are a must have in marketing videos.

Select your category and you’ll be taken to our script page.

This is where the magic happens!

Now you can write the script you want one of our voice over artists to speak, throughout your video.

We have multiple accents and genders so you can find the perfect match.

If you are feeling creative, you can even upload your own!

Once we have your script, our AI will select clips from our library of 800,000+ videos to make you the perfect marketing video. See what I mean? #NoSkillsRequired

It’s as simple as that!

There has never been a better time to take advantage of the power of video for your clients and business then right now. And with voice overs, you’ll convert better, sell better and reach more customers than ever before.

Watch the below and see it for yourself!

A Video Marketing Tool Designed Specifically For Agencies

In a world where everything is customised to the nth degree, it's hard to believe there isn't been a video marketing tool designed specifically for your (the agency's) needs?
No one is required to churn out content like social media managers.

Why we put video content in the 'too hard' pile

  • It’s expensive
  • Time consuming
  • Difficult

I mean, you didn’t get into social media to learn how to produce, shoot and edit videos. So what if we told you all of your set backs around video marketing is now a thing of the past? 

And better yet, this tool is designed specifically for you and your agencies needs. 

Meet Visuo. 

The game changing tool that will put your agency on top and reach all of it’s capabilities. 

Video Marketing Tool designed specifically for Agencies

Imagine the difference it could make for you and your clients to be able to post marketing videos whenever you want. 

With Visuo, you can create stunning, fully customised marketing videos for your clients in minutes, without any video experience, and on next to no budget.

But what does this actually mean?

Creating quick and easy marketing video’s is just the beginning of Visuo’s capabilities.

  • Our custom portal is where you create client profiles to help manage your clients and stay on top of their campaigns 
  • Add team members so everyones on the same platform 
  • Save all your client’s video’s in one place to it’s easy to compare 

For the video side, our Virtual Video Producer is where the real magic happens.

  • Our easy 5 step wizard ensures #NoSkillsRequired 
  • Our library of curated, professional-quality content to suit your client’s business will ensure you get a completely original marketing video each time
  • Change your marketing game with AI-generated voice overs (or record your own). Since we all know videos perform better with video
  • Our library of royalty-free music tracks will automatically be matches to your video, so you don’t have to do a thing
  • Dynamic themes and captions will spice up the look and feel of your video in no time (and with no effort!)

If you’ve ever been intimidated by video editing software this is for you. 

If you’ve ever been frustrated by the limitations of template-based software this is for you.

Come see how easy it now is to leverage the power of video for you and your clients.

3 Tech Tips to Master When Creating a Successful Business

In a world where everything is online, capturing your customers attention will ensure if your business thrives or dies.

The problem is our brains can’t process everything that we see, so what are some ways to make it easier to reach your target in this digital world full of noise? We've listed 3 tech tips for you!

You may think mastering the hype of emotional triggers is enough, but there is a pre-attentive stage that you need to think about as well.

Luckily in today’s world, there is a tool for everything!

If you aren’t a pro at colour, form, spatial position and movement, make sure you spend some time to research the service and/or tools to get the most out of your technology investments. There is a lot of crap out there!


Today UX design is essential. The value of your product, what features it offers, in addition how accessible and aesthetic it is.

On top of that, you should spend some time on your website and social media visuals. At the end of the day, it is a reflection of your company! Try out some tools or even hire a professional designer to help. There are budget friendly options out there, you just need to put the effort in finding it.

Since Visuo is all about helping your business to grow, we applied UX to both our product and client portal so it’s easy to use and implement in your business. Have a look at “How to create a marketing videos in minutes” if you are curious to know more.


You need to incorporate video in your marketing. It’s not uncommon to feel that it’s too complicated, time consuming or expensive, you probably haven’t found the right solution.

Our team have a great eye for details. They go through and edit every single clip in our library, so that you can present the best quality for your customers. You can use your own clips as well but ponder on if it’s worth the hustle when the reality is that your video will only last 1-day on a feed.


Consider if maybe an Artificial Intelligence software can help to improve your customers journey and as a bonus, even lighten up your employee’s workload.

AI helps to identify and predict customers habits. For example, at Visuo we get to know all your video preferences and provide new content every video creation. It will simplify and make your job faster the more you use it.

Time to take the next step in your business

5 Steps to Creating More Brand Engagement

Want your business to grow? Engage with your customer and the odds they come back again and advocate for your business increases. Take a look at the 5 steps below to create more brand engagement !

Step 1

As you are probably aware, online content varies in type, placement, and creation.

Types: articles and blogs, videos, and whitepapers or lead generation content, to name a few.

Placement: your website, social media channels, emails, and/or advertisement (both online and offline ad opportunities).

Creation: what you write and put together visually, with the needs of your customers and what your brand has to offer in mind.

Evoke feelings and reactions, create a connection that leads to a relationship

Step 2

Make sure your content sync with your brand message. Inspire and motivate – be evocative!

Capture your customers attention and make them want to take action. Ask to click on a link that you have shared with a marketing video, the link can lead to your website to purchase or an interesting article/blog post.


Read more about How to create a marketing video in minutes

Statistics that shows the brand engagement due to video content

Step 3

Make video a part of your strategy! It’s a marketing trend that develops and grows every year

We are slightly biased about Video, but stats show it is simply the best way to create awareness, engagement and conversation

Is video marketing really that powerful? Yes! Read this post and check the stats below:

Statistics that shows brand engagement due to video content

These Optinmonster, 2019, stats show you how marketing videos affect leads and convert them to clients, as well as the increase in brand awareness they generate.

Various statistics from different sources that shows brand engagement due to the video content

These are only some of the stats you’ll find online; there are many, many more.

After reading this, we hope you got a better understanding for the impact of video and the advantages for your business.

Step 4

Make a video content strategy plan. We suggest checking in quarterly, were you can analyze your brand engagement for the website and social media platforms.

Visuo understands the challenge for businesses to create video content continuously. This is a primary reason why videos are still such an underutilized piece of content in the marketing strategy and application of businesses worldwide.

To solve this impactful problem that keeps businesses at a disadvantage with brand engagement and more, our step five for more brand engagement is for you to find an easy way to create your own video content.

Step 5

Get a video creation software that suites your need. Why make things overly complicated when it doesn’t have to be?

How to Use YouTube and Facebook Videos to Double Your Followers

With YouTube and Facebook being two of the social media platforms with the highest number of users; all businesses use one or the other, or both; to grow brand awareness, to reach and engage with followers, and to grow their business.

In fact, with these platforms converting potential customers (of which some start out as followers) to clients; is why increasing followers is important.

Once  you get in front of them through the content you post, you have to be compelling in such a way to entice them to click subscribe or follow and return, as well as spread the word about your business.

To keep followers coming back and becoming advocates/fans of your brand, you have to keep giving them reasons why.  

This connection involves: trust, engagement, interest, and everything that gets you to go back to the brands you follow with great passion and excitement.

But all of this isn’t useful unless you actually learn HOW to achieve the steps above.

To break it down: Naturally speaking you follow brands for the same reasons people will follow yours. You connect with it. And that should be the mindset to everything you post online. Does it inspire your customers? Encourage them to purchase? Do they learn something?

This is why it is so important to incorporate the power video in your social media strategy.  It’s one of the easiest way to connecting with your customers. (Read more in Create Jaw Dropping Social Media Content in Minutes) . So learning how to master video marketing is essential to encompass the characteristics needed to double followers and keep them growing.  

Video ads help you to grow followers as well, but not everyone wants to run ads; and it’s not so much the ads that make the difference as much as it is the actual online video content you create and share online. 

The quality of the online videos you create is what makes the difference; whether distributing them to your YouTube channel and Facebook page organically or with the help of ads.

In recognizing the need for consistent creation of video content online AND quality of that content, you know you’ll need to distribute videos on a daily basis, if you’re going to have any hopes of doubling your followers.  

You also know that you need to differentiate yourself through the videos you post online, if you’re going to beat competitors, stand out, and keep engaging followers.

The more you can stand out and change up the online video content you create, the more you stay interesting, engaging, and keep followers spreading the word about your YouTube channel and Facebook page to their friends and family (this means organic growth, and with YouTube and Facebook video ads you also add that extra boost in visibility needed to get in front of even more of the right eyes).  

Checklist to doubling your followers with your YouTube and Facebook videos involves you:

  1. Creating video marketing videos regularly.
  2. Make sure they are compelling, engaging, and inspiring.
  3. Differentiating yourself from competitors with the Facebook and YouTube videos you create. 
  4. Having your YouTube and Facebook videos create a ‘wow’ effect that reflects your brand’s mission and connects with followers in a way that builds trust, passion, and interest.
  5. The cycle repeats and the best part is that thanks to paying attention to your followers’ response to the marketing videos you create and share, you’ll know how to keep the quality up with your YouTube and Facebook videos.

The biggest hurdle that businesses face in what they need to grow followers through YouTube and Facebook videos is the video creation process itself.  

Traditionally – it’s time consuming and so expensive.

To create YouTube and Facebook videos that stand out you are going to need: 
    • A video production budget
    • Outsourcing a production team
    • Time to design story boards and a script
    • Someone to edit the video (add music, grading, audio)

Visuo gives you the chance to do all of this in a fraction of the time, cost and effort.

The best part?

Our Virtual Video Producer creates the compelling content that differentiates you from your competitors, you’ll notice the positive impact it has for your YouTube channel and Facebook page followers growth, and also your branding efforts.  

You also rejoice in just how easy it is to create online videos in the quantity that you need daily without having to break a sweat to find pictures or manually compose your own video, which is what happens when you don’t have an easy video maker online to make use of at any time.

Let us know about your success stories using Visuo to create your YouTube and Facebook videos.

Create Jaw Dropping Social Media Content in Minutes

create jaw dropping social media content in minutes
Every business knows of the importance of social media content when it comes to attracting and engaging customers.

Visibility through social media is the first step, but the type of content you create is the second, and most important step, in combination of consistency.

As with everything, it’s not just about quantity, but it’s also, and above all, about quality

If you have social media content that doesn’t evoke an emotion and/or create a connection it isn’t going to do you much good.  If it isn’t powerful enough to differentiate your business from your competitors, that’s also not going to do you any favors or give you any advantage.  

What type of content gives visibility?

Although you want to always vary the type of social media content you share, which ranges from articles to pictures to videos, there’s one type of content that will always perform better and that will make a difference in your social media content’s ability to be compelling and lead to action.

People are people, and in this case, consumers follow the psychological tendencies of people.  Marketers talk about it all the time; and year after year studies share information to assist businesses with the knowledge they need to improve the creation of their social media content in a way that will have a positive impact on their brand and increase engagement of clients (as well as closing clients).  

One of these recurring statistics points us to what type of social media content will be most successful over time. This type of content is online video. 

Videos are powerful because psychologically speaking they generate far more emotional cues than a single photo can, and they have the ability to tell an extensive story, which appeals to a wider range of senses.

More and more consumers want to see video content from businesses they support.  Almost every person who uses the internet spends more time on websites that have video; not to mention the higher conversion of qualified leads marketers have found they obtain when using video marketing content.

This means that creating compelling social media content just got simpler, create videos.

Of course, this doesn’t mean just any video. If you’re going to evoke positive emotions and connect your brand with customers in an emotionally impactful, the video creation process is what you’re already thinking about, so the pictures (at the very least).

This means you need pictures and a video producer since marketing videos won’t just create themselves. The challenge for businesses to create marketing videos is not having a video producer or an endless library of photos to choose from and use, and sometimes the video skills required to create your own video is also an issue. 

How to create jaw dropping social media content in minutes

Traditionally speaking, creating content is one of the most time-consuming tasks for Agencies or Business owners.

The beauty of Visuo is that it solves all these problems for you, giving you the option to create videos online, in minutes, from one place.  

In less time than it takes you to come up with a tweet, our Virtual Video Producer will create a marketing video for you in minutes so it’s ready to be posted on your social media accounts in no time.

With a library of over 800,000 videos, our AI knows what clips will suit your business the best, and if you don’t like a particular clip, you can just swap it out for another.

Gone are the days of spending hours creating content and spending thousands of dollars in the process.

With Visuo, you can create whenever you want at a price point that’s accessible for any Agency.

We can’t wait to hear about your experience using Visuo and the success your business generates from you being able to create your marketing videos for your clients every single day.

Our #NoSkillsRequired principle ensures you can start creating right after you sign up. 

Come see the magic for yourself