Since 2020 was a bit of a ride off, it’s time to jump into 2021 full tilt and reach the full potential of your agency!

What are your goals? How are you going to scale but manage workload? And the biggest question, how can you get more bang for buck for your clients without subsiding your margins?

If you don’t currently offer marketing videos for your clients, now is the time to get started. With Visuo, you don’t have to worry about it chewing into your margins or taking up a big chunk of your week to create them.

Using Visuo as your preferred video creation tool means you’ll save hours while bringing in more profit for your client’s business.  

But how?

A video Marketing Tool to stay organized in 2021


Our dashboard is unlike any other video creator out there.

Here you can create individual client profiles which will track and monitor their campaigns, you can add team members so everyone is working from the same tool and create marketing videos in minutes.

Virtual Video Producer

Our Virtual Video Producer is where the real magic happens. We’ve designed Visuo to do the thinking for you. With our patent pending technology, the process ensures #NoSkillsRequired so you can entrust even the most novice manager to get the job done.

Instead of searching through thousands of templates and individual clips, we flip the process on its head.

Give us your category, write a script (which can be spoken throughout your clip by one of our voice over artists) and our AI technology will match it up with clips from our library of over 800,000+ to make the perfect marketing video.

Customisation it easy, before you finish, you can add text and your logo. We’ve kept our customisation options limited since your video will only last 24 hours on an organic feed, you don’t need to spend more than 10 minutes to create it!

Become More Profitable in 2021 with Visuo

Did you know the average cost of a marketing video on Visuo is $1.90!?

We designed our pricing with your agencies margins in mind so you can save time and become more profitable with Visuo.

Ask yourself this question:

Could you get your clients to pay an extra $25 per week if they got up to 10 marketing videos every week?

Let’s say 5 clients agree, on our Scale plan that means you’ve already paid off your months subscription off AND made $200!

Now that’s a profitable service that’s manageable within your busy and growing schedule.

Interested? See the potential for yourself!

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